PVC Pipe Extrusion Line

Short Description:

PVC pipe extrusion line is used to produce pvc pipe with diamater from 16 to 800mm, which are effective、safe
Capacity: Conical twin-screw extruder, suitable for process PVC powder with high capacity
Diameter: We have very successful production experience.Auxiliary machine closely meet customer specifications. Nice
apperance,automatic control and stable running performance.

Product Detail

Product Detail

PVC Pipe Diameter Range:φ16mm-φ800mm with single layer or multi-layer.

The line can be equipped with comptroller thickening instrument, computer ink-jet printer, crusher, shredder, pulverizer ,water chiller, air compressor etc. to achieve the production and manufacture of high-grade tubing. Advanced design for screws and barrel supplies powerful safeguard for the PVC plasticization.

By changing dorn or mould lip, it can produce several diameter or wall thickness on same machine.

Technical Parameter for PE pipe extrusion line (for reference only, can be customized):


Pipe range(mm)


Max output(kg/h)






































Detail Specification


PVC Pipe Extrusion Line2

Both conical twin screw extruder and parallel twin screw extruder can be applied to produce PVC pipe. With latest technology, to lower power and ensure capacity. According to different formula, we provide different screw design to ensure good plasticizing effect and high capacity.

PVC Pipe Extrusion Line3

Siemens PLC

Apply program developed by our company, have English or other languages to be input into the system.

PVC Pipe Extrusion Line4

Quality Screw and Barrel

Screw and barrel are using high quality alloy steel, processed by CNC to ensure quality, precision and longer service time. Bimetallic material for option.

PVC Pipe Extrusion Line5

Air Cooled Ceramic Heater

Ceramic heater ensure long working life. This design is to increase the area which heater contact with air. To have better air cooling effect.

PVC Pipe Extrusion Line6

High Quality Gearbox and Distribution Box

Gear accuracy to be ensured 5-6 grade and lower noise below 75dB. Compact structure but with high torque.

PVC Pipe Extrusion Line9

Better Cooling of Gearbox

With independent cooling device and oil pump, to make better cooling effect of lubrication oil inside gearbox.

PVC Pipe Extrusion Line7

Advanced Vacuum System

Intelligent vacuum system, keep vacuum degree within set range. When vacuum reaches upper limit, pump will stop working to save power and it will work again when vacuum drop below lower limit.

PVC Pipe Extrusion Line8

Easy Cable Connection

Each zone of heating, cooling and temperature detecting has its own connection area in cabinet. Just need to connect the integrated plug to the socket of cabinet, the work is easy and convenient.

Extrusion Die Head

PVC Pipe Extrusion Line10

Extrusion die head apply bracket structure, each material flow channel is placed evenly. Each channel is after heat treatment, mirror polishing and chroming to ensure material flow smoothly.

Die head is modular design, easy for changing pipe sizes, assembling, dismantle and maintenance. Can produce single layer or multi-layer pipe.

Single Screw Extruder10

Moving Device of Die Head

For big size die head, moving device can move die head forward and back, also adjust the height of die head. Operation is fast and easy.

Single Screw Extruder12

Die Head Rotary Device

For big size die head with rotary device, die head can rotate by 90 degree. When changing bush, mandrel, die head will turn 90 degree. Can use crane to lift and change bush and mandrel. This way is very convenient.

PVC Pipe Extrusion Line12

CNC Processing

Every part of extrusion die head is processed by CNC to ensure precision.

PVC Pipe Extrusion Line13

High Quality Material

Apply high quality material for extrusion die head. Die head has high strength and will not deform during long time use under high temperature condition.

Vacuum Tank

PVC Pipe Extrusion Line15

Vacuum tank is used to shape and cool pipe, so as to reach standard pipe size. We use double-chamber structure. First chamber is in short length, to ensure very strong cooling and vacuum function. As calibrator is placed in the front of first chamber and pipe shape is formed mainly by calibrator, this design can ensure quick and better forming and cooling of pipe.

Single Screw Extruder15

Strong Cooling for Calibrator

With special cooling system for calibrator, which can have better cooling effect for pipe and ensure high speed. Also with good quality spray nozzle to have better cooling effect and not easy blocked by impurities.

PVC Pipe Extrusion Line17

Better Support for Pipe

For big size pipe, each size have its own semicircular support plate. This structure can keep pipe roundness very well.

Single Screw Extruder17


We place silencer on the vacuum adjust valve to minimize noise when air come into the vacuum tank.

Single Screw Extruder18

Pressure Relief Valve

To protect the vacuum tank. When vacuum degree reach maximum limitation, the valve will open automatically to decrease vacuum degree to avoid broken of tank. Vacuum degree limitation can  be adjusted.

Single Screw Extruder21

Double Loop Pipeline

Each loop with water filtering system, to provide clean cooling water inside tank. Double loop also ensure continuous providing of cooling water inside tank.

Single Screw Extruder19

Water, Gas Separator

To separate the gas water water. Gas exhausted from upside. Water flow into the downside.

Single Screw Extruder20

Full Automatic Water Control

With mechanical temperature control to have accurate and stable control of water temperature.

Whole water inlet and outlet system is controlled full automatic, stable and reliable.

Single Screw Extruder22

Centralized Drainage Device

All water drainage from vacuum tank are integrated and connected into one stainless pipeline. Only connect the integrated pipeline to outside drainage, to make operation easier and faster. 

Haul off unit

PVC Pipe Extrusion Line24

Haul off unit provides sufficient traction force to pull pipe stably. According to different pipe sizes and thickness, our company will customize traction speed, number of claws, effective traction length. To ensure match pipe extrusion speed and forming speed, also avoid deformation of pipe during traction. 

Single Screw Extruder30

Separate Traction Motor

Each claw has its own traction motor, in case when one traction motor stop working, other motors can still working. Can choose servo motor to have bigger traction force, more stable traction speed and wider range of traction speed.

Single Screw Extruder31

User Friendly Design

With Siemens hard ware and user friendly software designed by our company. Have synchronized function with extruder, make operation easier and faster. Also customer can choose only some of claws to work to pull much smaller pipes.

Single Screw Extruder33

Separate Air Pressure Control

Each claw with it own air pressure control, more accurate, operation is easier.

Single Screw Extruder32

Claw Adjustment Device

All claws are connected to each other, when adjusting position of claws to pull pipe in different sizes, all claws will move together. This will make operation faster and easier.


PVC Pipe Extrusion Line29

Cutter controlled by Siemens PLC with chamfering function, working together with haul off unit to have precise cutting. Customer can set the length of pipe they want to cut.

PVC Pipe Extrusion Line30

Aluminum Clamping Device

Apply aluminum clamping device, different pipe sizes has its own clamping device. This design can lock pipe in the center of the cutter, which will make good pipe chamfering.

PVC Pipe Extrusion Line31

Advanced Hydraulic System

With advanced hydraulic system, saw feeding more stable, feeding speed and force can be controlled separately. Cutting surface is much better. 

PVC Pipe Extrusion Line32

Dust Collection System

With dust collection system to absorb dust during pipe cutting and collect them into the bag.

Full Automatic Belling Machine

PVC Pipe Extrusion Line33

To make socket at pipe end which is easy for pipe connection. There are three types of belling type: U type, R type and Square type. We provide belling machine which can finish belling of pipe on line fully automatic. From minimum size 16mm to maximum size 1000mm, can with multi heating oven and belling station.

PVC Pipe Extrusion Line36

Pipe Cleaning System

Before pipe entering into belling machine, pipe cleaning system will blow strong wind to clean the dust on pipe surface, and then pipe can enter into the oven.

PVC Pipe Extrusion Line34

Infrared Heating System

With penetration, can heating both outside and inside of pipe. Fast heating, good thermal efficiency, power saving and safer.

PVC Pipe Extrusion Line35

Central Height Adjustment

With simple adjustment device to adjust the central height for different pipe sizes.

Application of PE Pipe

PVC Pipe Extrusion Line38


PVC Pipe Extrusion Line37

Electric conduit

PVC Pipe Extrusion Line39


PVC Pipe Extrusion Line40


PVC Pipe Extrusion Line41

 Water supply

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