PVC electrical conduit pipe making machine

Short Description:

Xinrong 16-63mm four cavities PVC pipe extrusion machine can produce four pipes in the same time, 16-63mm PVC pipes can be used for electrical wire conduit pipes and home water pipe. Xinrong adopts RKC temperature regulator on PVC pipe extruding machine.The four cavities PVC pipe extrusion line has high speed advantages, it can save clients’ investment to meet large quantities demand.

Product Detail

Product Description

PVC power pipe has the characteristics of pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, flame retardant and good insulation performance. Our equipment can produce single pipe , double cavities, four cavities. Stable operation and high output.

Technical Parameters


Pipe Range(mm)

Output Capacity(kg/h)

Main Motor Power(kw)









Conical twin screw extruder

Advanced overall design of direct combination. Efficient screw and spiral water cooling sleeve in barrel, can realize extruding material in low melt temperature in high speed.

Extrusion die head

Double strand design can produce two pipes at one time which can increase efficiency greatly.

Vacuum Tank

Vacuum tank is used to shape and cool pipe, so as to reach standard pipe size. Its shape is advanced foreign multilateral anti-deformation structure. The cover is made of high quality casting aluminum alloy. The pipeline adopts the design of double loop pipeline, realizing non-stop pipeline clean and function of temperature control.

Haul-off unit

Its structure with sliding door is beautiful and practical. Traction device with caterpillars and controlled by inverter can steadily haul pipe. It also features compact structure and free-maintenance.

Clamping force can be adjust by vernier device to prevent deformation of pipe. Adopt special automobile drive shaft to transmit power, stable and reliable. Length measuring device equipped with a rotary encoder, can ensure precise cutting.

Belling machine

There are three types of belling type U type, R type and Square type. We provide belling machine which can finish belling of pipe on line fully automatic.

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