PP-R Pipe Extrusion Line

Short Description:

Our PPR pipe machine can produce PPR size range from ?16 to ?160mm.

PPR pipe is mainly used for cold water and hot water supply.
We can provide different PPR pipe extrusion lines: normal or high speed, single or multi-layer, single or double strand.

Product Detail

Product Detail

PPR Pipe Diameter Range:φ16mm-φ160mm.

PPR PERT pipe hot water supply or cold drinking water supply with characteristic non toxic, rustless, non-filthily, heater preservation.

Adding additional extruder and changing die head structure can produce PPR fiberglass composite pipe.

We can provide different PPR pipe extrusion lines: normal or high speed, single or multi-layer, single or double strand.

PPR Pipe Production Line Parameter


Pipe Diameter(mm)

Extruder Model


PP-R 63




PP-R 63S




PP-R 110




PP-R 160




Product Specifications


Machine name

Brief introduction




Can use one or several extruders to produce multi-layer pipes or to increase capacity to produce pipe with very big size.                               Color line extruder is to produce color line on pipe surface.
Advanced overall design of direct combination. Efficient screw and spiral water cooling sleeve in barrel, can realize extruding
material in low melt temperature in high speed.

Relation between capacity and screw rotation speed is nearly linear, stable extrusion, high reliability, easy for operation.


Product Specifications (1)


Die head

Can choose single layer die head or multi-layer die head to produce pipe with single layer or multi-layer.

Die head structure:Spiral type

Ensure melt temperature uniformity, thoroughly eliminate confluence seam and reduce flaws such as bubble, black spot, unsmooth inside wall, caused by too high temperature.

Die head material:40Cr, forgings with tempering treatment


Product Specifications (2)


Vacuum tank

Structure has single chamber and double chamber. Different length (6000mm/9000mm)for different extruder capacity and pipe sizes.

Vacuum tank is used to shape and cool pipe, so as to reach standard pipe size. Its shape is advanced foreign multilateral . anti-deformation structure.

The cover is made of high quality casting aluminum alloy. Its inside is double-chamber structure. The pipeline adopts the design of double loop pipeline, realizing non-stop pipeline clean and function of temperature control.

Product Specifications (3)


Cooling tank

Can have several cooling tanks for better cooling effect.       Supporter structure are similar with foreign advanced machine and convenient to observe spray effect. Product Specifications (4)


Haul off unit

Based on pipe sizes, have two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve or even more claws. Traction speed is designed based on extruder capacity and pipe sizes.                                        Customer can choose servo motor.                        Its structure with sliding tempering glass door is beautiful and practical. Traction device with belt and controlled by imported inverter can steadily haul pipe. It also features compact structure and free-maintenance.
Adopt special automobile drive shaft to transmit power, stable and reliable. Length measuring device equipped with a rotary
encoder, can ensure precise cutting, customer can set the cutting length.
Product Specifications (5)


Cutting unit

Have saw cutting, planetary saw cutting and knife cutting for choice.                                                       Its structure is beautiful and practical with glass window design. Cutting process is controlled by PLC, can realize accurately
arbitrary length cutting.

Cutting type : knife cutting (no dust)
Clamping method: pneumatic Clamping device: aluminium clamping device (each size has its own clamping device) no need to adjust the central height of clamping device for different pipe sizes.

Workbench moving method: pneumatic


Product Specifications (6)



Length of stacker can be customized.  

Stainless steel pallet to prevent scratch of pipe surface. Pipe fall into the collection area automatically.


Product Specifications (7)
Note: machine can be customized base on customer requirements.                               

Our company chooses the most suitable machine configuration based on customer requirement.

Application of PPR Pipe

Product Specifications (8)

 Pure water supply

Product Specifications (9)

Central Aircon System

Product Specifications (10)

Hot water supply

Product Specifications (12)


Product Specifications (11)

PPR welding

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