Plastic Multi -Layer PPR high speed pipe extrusion line

Short Description:

Our PPR pipe machine can produce PPR size range from Ø16 to Ø160mm.

PPR pipe is mainly used for cold water and hot water supply. When used for supplying hot water, PPR pipe can working at max temperature of 95℃. And it can continuous working for 50 years at temperature of 70℃.
Adding additional extruder and changing die head structure can produce PPR fiberglass composite pipe.

We can provide different PPR pipe extrusion lines: normal or high speed, single or multi-layer, single or double strand.

Product Detail


Product Description

Our PPR pipe extrusion line can produce from size of minimum 16mm to 160mm with single layer or multi-layer or even multi-layer with double cavity to save machine cost and operation cost.
Compared with PE pipe, PPR pipe can be used to transport hot water. Usually, it is used inside building for hot water supply, the line can be used for PE-RT, PB pipe, which used for indoor floor heating system, through changing parts of components Our machines are capable of producing pipe diameter up to 250mm, thickness can reach 30mm. Nowadays, there are many  kinds of PPR pipe, for example, PPR fiberglass composite pipe, also PPR with uvioresistant outer layer and antibiosis inner layer. Our PPR pipe extrusion line can fully satisfy customer requirement. Our PPR pipe extrusion can process wide range of material, including HDPE, LDPE, PP, PPR, PPH, PPB, MPP, PERT, etc.

Technical Parameters


Pipe Range (mm)

Output Capacity (kg/h)

Main Motor Power(kw)


















Can use one or several extruders to produce multi-layer pipes or to increase capacity to produce pipe with very big size.

Color line extruder is to produce color line on pipe surface.

Die head

Can choose single layer die head or multi-layer die head to produce pipe with single layer or multi-layer.

Vacuum tank

Structure has single chamber and double chamber. Different length for different extruder capacity and pipe sizes.

Cooling tank

Can have several coolings tanks for better cooling effect.

Haul off unit

Based on pipe sizes, have two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve or even more claws. Traction speed is designed based on extruder capacity and pipe sizes. 

Customer can choose servo motor.

Cutting unit

Have saw cutting, planetary saw cutting and knife cutting for choice.

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