HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line

Short Description:

Our PE pipe extrusion line can produce from size of minimum 16mm to 2000mm with single layer or multi-layer.
Mainly used for producing agricultural irrigation pipes, drainage pipes, gas pipes, water supplying pipes , cable conduit pipes etc.
Turn key solution can be provided, like laser printer crusher, shredder, water chiller, air compressor etc. to achieve high-grade and automatic tube production.

Product Detail

Product Detail

PE Pipe Diameter Range:φ16mm-φ1800mm with single layer or multi-layer.

PE Pipe Extrusion line is mainly used for producing agricultural irrigation pipes, drainage pipes, gas pipes, water supplying pipes , cable conduit pipes etc. Our extrusion line is designed with high efficiency extruder and equipped with reducer which is high speed and low noise, Gravimetric dosing unit and ultrasonic thickness indicator . Can be assembled according to customer's demand to ascend the precise of the pipes . Turn key solution can be provided, like laser printer crusher, shredder, water chiller, air compressor etc. to achieve high-grade and automatic tube production.

Technical Parameter for PE pipe extrusion line (for reference only, can be customized):


Pipe Range (mm)

Output Capacity (kg/h)


16 - 63

150 - 300


20 - 110

220 - 360


50 - 160

300 - 440


75 - 250

360 - 500


90 - 315

440 - 640


110 - 450

500 - 800


250 - 630

640 - 1000


315 - 800

800 - 1200


400 - 1000

1000 - 1500


500 - 1200

1200 - 1800


710 - 1600

1800 - 2400


800 - 2000

2400 - 3000

Detail Specification

Flow Chart


Machine name

Brief introduction



Can use one or several extruders to produce multi-layer pipes or to increase capacity to produce pipe with very big size.
Color line extruder is to produce color line on pipe surface.


Die head

Can choose single layer die head or multi-layer die head to produce pipe with single layer or multi-layer.


Vacuum tank

Structure has single chamber and double chamber. Different length for different extruder capacity and pipe sizes.


Cooling tank

Can have several coolings tanks for better cooling effect.


Haul off unit

Based on pipe sizes, have two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve or even more claws. Traction speed is designed based on extruder capacity and pipe sizes.
Customer can choose servo motor.



Have saw cutting, planetary saw cutting and knife cutting for choice.



Length of stacker can be customized.
Note: machine can be customized base on customer requirements.
Our company chooses the most suitable machine configuration based on customer requirement.


Single Screw Extruder3

Based on 33:1 L/D ratio for screw design, we have developed 38:1 L/D ratio. Compared with 33:1 ratio, 38:1 ratio has advantage of 100% plasticization, increase output capacity by 30%, reduce power consumption up to 30% and reach almost linear extrusion performance.

Single Screw Extruder4

Simens Touch Screen and PLC

Apply program developed by our company, have English or other languages to be input into the system.

Single Screw Extruder8

High Quality Gearbox

Gear accuracy to be ensured 5-6 grade and lower noise below 75dB. Compact structure but with high torque.

Single Screw Extruder5

Spiral Structure of Barrel

Feeding part of barrel use spiral structure, to ensure material feed in stable and also increase feeding capacity.

Single Screw Extruder6

Special Design of Screw

Screw is designed with special structure, to ensure good plasticization and mixing. Unmelted material can not pass this part of screw.

Single Screw Extruder7

Air Cooled Ceramic Heater

Ceramic heater ensure long working life. This design is to increase the area which heater contact with air. To have better air cooling effect.

Extrusion Die Head

Single Screw Extruder9

Extrusion die head apply spiral structure, each material flow channel is placed evenly. Each channel is after heat treatment and mirror polishing to ensure material flow smoothly.

Die head structure is compact and also provide stable pressure, always from 19 to 20Mpa. Under this pressure, pipe quality is good and very little effect on the output capacity. Can produce single layer or multi-layer pipe.

Single Screw Extruder10

Moving Device of Die Head

For big size die head, moving device can move die head forward and back, also adjust the height of die head. Operation is fast and easy.

Single Screw Extruder12

Die Head Rotary Device

For big size die head with rotary device, die head can rotate by 90 degree. When changing bush, mandrel, die head will turn 90 degree. Can use crane to lift and change bush and mandrel. This way is very convenient.

Single Screw Extruder11

Heat Exhausting Device

This device is added on die head to produce big and thick pipe. To exhaust heat inside the pipe and cooling pipe inside wall. The heated exhausted can be used to dry the raw material. 

Single Screw Extruder13

Cooling Device for Core

When produce pipe with big diameter and wall thickness, we will use cooling water or oil together with cooling fan to cool the core of die head to avoid over heating and ensure good material quality.

Vacuum Tank

Single Screw Extruder14

Vacuum tank is used to shape and cool pipe, so as to reach standard pipe size. We use double-chamber structure. First chamber is in short length, to ensure very strong cooling and vacuum function. As calibrator is placed in the front of first chamber and pipe shape is formed mainly by calibrator, this design can ensure quick and better forming and cooling of pipe.

Single Screw Extruder15

Strong Cooling for Calibrator

With special cooling system for calibrator, which can have better cooling effect for pipe and ensure high speed. Also with good quality spray nozzle to have better cooling effect and not easy blocked by impurities.

Single Screw Extruder16

Better Support for Pipe

For big size pipe, each size have its own semicircular support plate. This structure can keep pipe roundness very well.

Single Screw Extruder17


We place silencer on the vacuum adjust valve to minimize noise when air come into the vacuum tank.

Single Screw Extruder18

Pressure Relief Valve

To protect the vacuum tank. When vacuum degree reach maximum limitation, the valve will open automatically to decrease vacuum degree to avoid broken of tank. Vacuum degree limitation can  be adjusted.

Single Screw Extruder21

Double Loop Pipeline

Each loop with water filtering system, to provide clean cooling water inside tank. Double loop also ensure continuous providing of cooling water inside tank.

Single Screw Extruder19

Water, Gas Separator

To separate the gas water water. Gas exhausted from upside. Water flow into the downside.

Single Screw Extruder20

Full Automatic Water Control

With mechanical temperature control to have accurate and stable control of water temperature.

Whole water inlet and outlet system is controlled full automatic, stable and reliable.

Single Screw Extruder22

Centralized Drainage Device

All water drainage from vacuum tank are integrated and connected into one stainless pipeline. Only connect the integrated pipeline to outside drainage, to make operation easier and faster. 

Cooling Tank

Single Screw Extruder23

Cooling tank is used to cool pipe further. 

Single Screw Extruder24

Pipe Clamping Device

This device can adjust pipe roundness when pipe comes out from the vacuum tank.

Single Screw Extruder25

Water Tank Filter

With filter in the water tank, to avoid any big impurities when outside water comes in.

Single Screw Extruder27

Quality Spray Nozzle

Quality spray nozzles have better cooling effect and not easy blocked by impurities.

Single Screw Extruder26

Pipe Support Adjusting Device

Support with adjustment function to support pipe with different diameters. 

Single Screw Extruder28

Pipe Support Device

Especially used when producing pipe with big diameter and wall thickness. This device will provide additional support to heavy pips.

Haul off unit

Single Screw Extruder29

Haul off unit provides sufficient traction force to pull pipe stably. According to different pipe sizes and thickness, our company will customize traction speed, number of claws, effective traction length. To ensure match pipe extrusion speed and forming speed, also avoid deformation of pipe during traction. 

Single Screw Extruder30

Separate Traction Motor

Each claw has its own traction motor, in case when one traction motor stop working, other motors can still working. Can choose servo motor to have bigger traction force, more stable traction speed and wider range of traction speed.

Single Screw Extruder31

User Friendly Design

With Siemens hard ware and user friendly software designed by our company. Have synchronized function with extruder, make operation easier and faster. Also customer can choose only some of claws to work to pull much smaller pipes.

Single Screw Extruder33

Separate Air Pressure Control

Each claw with it own air pressure control, more accurate, operation is easier.

Single Screw Extruder32

Claw Adjustment Device

All claws are connected to each other, when adjusting position of claws to pull pipe in different sizes, all claws will move together. This will make operation faster and easier.


Single Screw Extruder34

Cutter controlled by Siemens PLC, working together with haul off unit to have precise cutting. Customer can set the length of pipe they want to cut.

Multi-feed-in actions for the accomplishment of one cutting process (protect blades and saws, prevent from blade and saws stuck for thick pipe and cut face of pipe is smooth).

Single Screw Extruder (1)

Universal Clamping Device

Apply universal clamping device for different pipe sizes, no need to change clamping device when pipe size changes.

Single Screw Extruder (2)

Central Height Adjustment

With electrical adjusting device for clamping device. Operation faster and easier. With limit switch to ensure safety. 

Single Screw Extruder35

Saw and Blade Interchangeable

Some cutters are equipped with both saw and blade. Saw and blade cutting are interchangeable for different pipe sizes. Also, saw and blade can work together for special requirement.


Single Screw Extruder (3)

To support and unload pipes. Length of stacker can be customized.

Single Screw Extruder (4)

Pipe surface protection

With roller, to protect pipe surface when moving pipe.

Single Screw Extruder (5)

Central Height Adjustment

With simple adjustment device to adjust the central height for different pipe sizes.


Single Screw Extruder (6)

To coil pipe into roller, easy for storage and transportation. Usually used for pipe below size 110mm. Have single station and double station for choice.

Application of PE Pipe

Single Screw Extruder (7)


Single Screw Extruder (8)

 drain pipe

Single Screw Extruder (9)


Single Screw Extruder (10)

Gas supply

Single Screw Extruder (12)

Water  pipe

Single Screw Extruder (11)

PE Pipe Butt Fusion Connection

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