Double wall corrugated pipe making machine(vertical)

Short Description:

Double wall corrugated pipe is mature product which has the advantage of low weight, low cost, anti-corrosion, good ring stiffness and flexibility. Our company has developed PE double wall corrugated pipe extrusion line for more than 20 years. We have the whole series of double wall corrugated pipe machine: horizontal type, vertical type and shuttle type. Our machine can process wide range of material, including HDPE, PP, PVC, etc.

Our double wall corrugated pipe extrusion line can produce from inner diameter of 63mm to 1200mm.

Product Detail

Product Description

Xinrong Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extruder can produce Ø63-1200mm double wall corrugated pipe. Double-wall corrugated pipes are mainly used for drainage and ventilation. Usually, the double wall corrugated pipe is PE material. But changing the extruder model can produce PVC double-wall corrugated pipes. We offer three different types of bellows machines for you to choose from: horizontal, vertical and shuttle.

--- The whole line is equipped with two extruders, double-layer co-extrusion, extrusion stable, and the plasticization is excellent.

--- Double-channel spiral compound extrusion die head, the surface of the die head is nitrided and polished..

--- The module is made of special aluminum alloy, which has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, good wear resistance and small thermal expansion coefficient.

--- The whole production line adopts PLC microcomputer control system, which can intuitively display the melt temperature, pressure, molding speed, fault alarm, etc. Multiple pictures, and has the function of basic process storage.

--- High-efficiency single-screw extruders (using pellets) and energy-saving twin-screw extruders (using powder or pellets) are available.

Production Line Parameter (for reference only, can be customized)


Pipe Range (mm)

Corrugator Type

Output Capacity (kg/h)

Main Motor Power (kw)


63 - 160





75 - 250

400 - 520

(55+45) - (75+55)


200 - 400

740 - 1080

(110+75) - (160+110)


200 - 600

Vertical / Shuttle

1080 - 1440

(160+110) - (200+160)


200 - 800

1520 - 1850

(220+160) - (280+200)


400 - 1200

1850 - 2300

(280+200) - (355+280)



Advanced overall design of direct combination. Efficient screw and spiral water cooling sleeve in barrel, can realize extruding material in low melt temperature in high speed.

Corrugating  unit

Unique vacuum regulator device ensure the best vacuum degree for the pipe forming

Special craftwork process orbit for moulding, high grinding proof and intension

Automatically mould exchanging device to shorten decking time and workload

Brand-name gear reducer, large reduction ratio, low noise, large transmission torque

With power-off protection function, using battery against a sudden power failure and other fault, corrugator can exit automatically, reduced the damage of the components

Imported proportional valve, computer controlled auto-blown and venting implementation by zero pressure, socket online

cooling tank

Cooling tank

Powerful spray cooling

Tank adopts stainless steel with observation window

Length of cooling tank: 5000mm

Use filter system for non-stop cleaning


Planetary double-station cutting

Hydraulic feed

Blade rotation speed is adjusted by imported speed-regulator

Siemens PLC control system


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